Introductions of  members, conversions and uplifting stories from some of our prayer group members.

Nedjo's Story  - Medjugorje - Nedjo Brecic was the founder of the IIPG Queen of Peace.  He was an original member of the prayer group Queen of Peace in Medjugorje and remained a faithful member until his death on July 4th, 1999. He started the internet prayer group from his Website on May 30th but we officially became a prayer group on June 4th, 1999. his gravesite.

We have over 4200 members  in our prayer group.  Please feel free to send your conversion story or introduction to me to be included in our members area. Send pictures and stories to Ana at: .

Stefano Valbonesi - UK

Tom Hubbard - Kentucky

Rafaelmarie - California

Linda Rolinski - Costa Rica

Ana Shawl - Illinois

Dave Sheehan - Texas

Justo Antonio Lofeudo - Argentina

Joe Kiibler - Washington

Picture of Nedjo playing guitar with Ivan during prayer group meeting in Medjugorje

prayer group anniversary pilgrimage 2000Prayer group anniversary pilgrimage to Medjugorje, June 2000

Michael Jones - Massachusetts

Barbara Loretta Cavanagh

Michael Sepal - Washington

Helen - New York

Susan Kaufer - Franciscan University Ohio 

Bob and Lori Hamilton - Nebraska

Linda,Joe,Mike,Mary & Anne from the group

Fr. Johann Chrysostomus son & Prayer group
South Korea (Korean name - won-mo son)

Keith M. Werner - New Jersey

Kathleen Werner - New Jersey

Chuck Philyaw - Wisonsin

Robert Boyd - Canada

Barbara Shellhamer - Kentucky

Camelia Tiliuta - Romania

Kelly Ferrell - Illinois

Ralph Mackie - California

Kouao Kablan Michel - Ghana Cote d'Ivoire

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