Hi everyone,

My name is Helen .  I live in Utica, NY and have 4 children.  I joined this
group early on.  I have never been to Medjugorje but hope to go with the group in

I first heard of Medjugorje back in the 80's.  I work in a hospital in the
Lab and a patient would come in maybe once a week to have blood work done.
She had been in the hospital for a very long time and was not expected to
live.  Family members of hers went to Medjugorje and brought back a medal and
pinned it on her stomach.  From that moment on she started to get better.

She would come to the lab as an outpatient and talk about her miracle.  I
was just fascinated by it all.  She gave me a picture of our Blessed Mother
to which I have on my computer.  Since she introduced me to Medjugorje, I started
reading books on it  anything I could get my hands on.   I love our blessed Mother.

About l l/2 yr. ago I was having some problem and I went to a healing mass
at a shrine locally here.  I was very upset and after about 4 days my
daughter who is 11 noticed my rosaries had turned gold.  This was such a
blessing for me and has given me such strength and I thank her everyday for
my special blessing.

God Bless All in our IP group and may our Blessed Mother cover us all with
her mantle of love and protection.