Justo Antonio Lo Feudo

Hi All Group!

My name is Justo Antonio Lo Feudo and was born in Argentina, Buenos Aires. I lived abroad for many years, namely in the US, Brazil and lately in Italy. Being in Italy I listened for the first time the call from Our Blessed Mother. That came from Medjugorje, a place I have never heard before and didn't know where it was. Having being baptized as catholic, right after my first communion and confirmation left the Church.

One blessed day a man -to whom I used to ask the Eco di Medjugorje (a newsletter with messages, comments and very interesting articles)- gave me the push I needed. He just asked me: "What are you waiting for to go to Medjugorje?!" That simple question changed my whole life. I remember saying "OK. I would like to go with you" In fact, he was also leading pilgrimages to Medjugorje. That happened in July 1989 and his next trip was planned by early August. His answer was: "I´m sorry, but there is no place left. It´s all full packed!" What I didn't realize at that time was that Our Lady´s Birthday was on Aug 5. A few days later we met by the street and was then when I knew there was one place left because some person who was going resigned at the last minute. No wonder, it was my turn! But there was another even greater surprise.

In those days I had to go from my city (Bergamo) to Torino for some work I had to carry on. I drove some 160 miles to learn that the original business meeting was cancelled. To whom I met was the Lord instead. True! Not wishing return home I decided to visit Torino, but the first thing that came to my mind was il Duomo (the Cathedral) where the Holy Shroud (Sindone) is. For me it was some sort of testing because I had been there some years ago when was a non believer (atheist). Not only this time I felt deep in my heart -without any doubt- that that relic really covered Our Lord´s Holy Body, but (here it comes!) found myself in front of a confessionary where a lonely priest was inside reading a book. Nobody else was in the Church. Then, all of the sudden, an idea came to my heart and went down to my mind: "I've got to go to Medjugorje clean!" Right in front of me was the opportunity to make a confession, after so many many years out of the grace. It was not easy! I struggled for some 20 minutes that seemed to be centuries. Finally, "somebody" gave me the other push. Because of Medjugorje - of Our Blessed Mother, should say- I left behind -surrended to Christ´s misericordy- all my past of sins. Because of Her I obtain His Son´s pardon and an extremely heavy burden was released from my life. Left 35 years behind and came out as new born. All that in few minutes worthing the eternity! 

On August 5 I made my consecration to the Immaculate Heart (not knowing exactly what that meant and the further consequences). In reality, I dont remember having heard of consecration before but only sensed a sort of inner voice saying "Must consecrate myself to Mary's Immaculate Heart". The next question I put myself was: "Where is Mary´s Heart?" getting the answer: "In Her Son's Heart!" and again: "And Her Son's Heart?" "In the Eucharist!". "OK, I know, when I receive the Holy Host, during the communion, I will express my intention". And that was exactly what I did. I returned to Medjugorje the same year on Christmas. Even the minor details of that Christmas it remains absolutely unforgettable for me. I saw many things in Medjugorje but the most touching and deepest remained inside. Until now I have been there 8 times already and planned to return by December this year (need your prayers!!). Since that -my first visit- everything has changed in my life. I´m trying to follow what Our Mother asks from us. Not always I succeed. 

Also since then I have received grace upon grace. Among many other things that also meant meeting visionaries and people who are very close to Medjugorje like Wayne Weible, Sor Emmanuel , Fr. Slavko, my friend Fr. Gianni Sgreva (Oasis of Peace founder) and others from Radio Maria and Mir-Shalom. But above all, the immense grace to work for the realm under the Queen of Peace´s guide and protection. And last but not least, being part of this wonderful group where we share not only experiences and support each other trough prayers and edifying thoughts but also live the same spirit because we are children of the same Mother, no matter where we are located on this planet. Just as Our Mother calls each of us -one by one- to go to Medjugorje I´m pretty sure that She called us -through Nedjo- to be in this group. And do you know something? I can barely await the moment at the end of my day to open the mail and read all your messages. Now I begin to understand why Vicka said that in Heaven everybody seems to be around 30 years old. I dont know your ages but for me all of you are young people. The only differences I can appreciate are the different personalities of yours. Believe me, I love you all. I remember that July 4 when after reading Nedjo´s conversion story received the other message under the title "very sad news", how I cried and then the feeling of peace I received. We are truly brothers and sisters and behind this internet group there is a divine design mastered by Our Lady. I apologize for such long message but I owed you my conversion story (I mean the beginning. The story goes on and on.) Only one last thing, please pray for my intentions of becoming priest. Right now Im studying with the Dominicans. Sure, I received the call in Medjugorje. Protect the Group (by fasting and prayers).
All my gratitude to Ana and each of you for what you are doing.
God bless you. Justo Antonio LoFeudo from Argentina

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