Prayers in Croatian

These are prayers that are said in the Church of St. James, or were dedicated to Jelena Vasilj to her prayer group from the Blessed Mother.  I'll be working on this page to be able to give you the English and also the Croatian forms of these prayers so that anyone going to Medjugorje can have a head start on them.  To make sure that most browsers can read these prayers, the special Croatian characters weren't added.

Click here  to listen to the evening program and follow along with the prayers.
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Click to hear Znak Sv. Kriza - The sign of the Cross

U ime Oca, i Sina, i Duha Svetoga. Amen

Click to hear Oce Nas - Our Father

Oce Nas, koji jesi na Nebesima
Sveti se ime Tvoje, Dodji Kraljevstvo Tvoje, budi volja Tvoja.
Kako na nebu, tako i na zemlji.
Kruh nas svagdanji daj nam danas i otpusti nama duge nase
kako i mi otpustamo duznicima nasim, i ne uvedi nas u napast
nego izbavi nas od zla. Amen

Click to hear Zdravo Marijo - Hail Mary

Zdravo Marijo
Milosti Puna, Gospodin stobom.
Blagoslovljena ti medju Zenama i
Blagoslovljen plod utrobe tvoje Isus.
Sveta Marijo, Majko Bozja, moli za nas grijesnike,
sada i na cas smrti nase. Amen

Click to hear Slava Ocu - Glory Be

Slava Ocu, i Sinu, i Duhu Svetomu.
Kako bijase na pocetku,
tako i sada i vazda i u vijeke vjekova. Amen



Medjugorje Hymn

Majci i Kraljici Mira
(To the Mother and Queen of Peace)

Dosli smo ti Majko Draga

Sa svim strana ove zemlje

Donjesmo ti jade svoje

i u njima svoje zelje.

We come to you, dear Mother,

From all parts of the world;

We bring to you our problems

And with them our desires.

Pogledaj nas utjesi nas

Svoje ruke stavi na nas

Svome Sinu preporuci.

Majko mira moli za nas

Look upon us, console us,

Lay your hands upon us;

Recommend us to your Son

Mother of peace, pray for us.


Blize, o Boze Moj 

Nearer My God to Thee

Blize, o Boze Moj

K velicju tvom

Budi ti stjeg i Vijek

Zivljenju Mom

Nearer my God to Thee

Nearer to thee

May you my shield e'er be

All thro' my life

Vodi kud hoces nas

Vodi kud hoces nas

Blize, o Boze moj

K velicju tvom

Guide us where'er you will

Guide us where'er you will

Nearer my God to Thee

Draw me to Thee


Kraljice Svete Krunica 

Queen of the Holy Rosary

Kraljice svete Krunice,
beskrajne srece more!
Tebi se puci klanjaju,
Andeli Tebi dvore.
Queen of the Holy Rosary
My infinite happiness

All people adore you
And angels attend you
Pripjev:after every verse
Kraljice Krunice, moli za nas Kraljice Krunice, budi nam spas!
Chorus:after every verse
Queen of the Rosary, pray for us Queen of the Rosary, be our salvation
Divno si cudo stvorila,
Krunicu kad si dala,
Nebo i zemlja pjevaju:
Bila ti cast i hvala.
You made a beautiful miracle
When you gave us the rosary
Heaven and Earth sing to you
They give you honour and thanks
Zrncima svete Krunice,
Cvatu nam bijele ruže.
Nose ih k tvome prijestolju
Andeli što Te kruže.
With beads of the Holay Rosary
The white roses are blossoming for us
Angles who surround you
Carry them to your throne
Ruže te divno mirišu,
Radost su vjecnog Raja.
Svaka ta ruža cudesna
Nebo sa zemljom spaja.
These roses smell beautiful
They are joy of eternal Heaven
Each wonderful rose
unites Heaven and Earth
Drhcu na svakoj ruži
Suze nam crnih dana
Neka Te, Majko, sjecaju
Krvavih naših rana.
On each rose
tears of our saddest days are shivering
Let them, o mother,
remember them on our wounded hearts
Križeve teške nosimo,
Okovi sve nas tište.
Svi smo mi sužnji nevoljni,
Svaki Te pomoc ište.
The heavy crosses we carry
Are like chains burdening us
We are all slaves of bondage
And we all ask for your help
Tko ce nam, Majko, pomoci,
Ako ne Ti s visina?
Kraljice svega svemira,
Kraljuješ Srcem Sina.
Who will help us, o mother
If not you from the Highest
Queen of the universe
Ruling with the heart of your son
Posljednji kad nam smraci vid,
Prekrije smrti tama,
Majcice, dodi, moli daj
Krunicu zadnju s nama!
When the last days come for us
When we are covered with the darkness of death
O heavenly mother
Come and pray with us our last rosary


Prayer of consecration to the Most Sacred Heart of jesus
(Dictated by our Lady to Jelena Vasilj)

O Jesus,
we know that you are gentle,
and that you have given your heart
for all of us.
It was crowned with thorns
and with our sins.
Oh, we know that nowadays you beg us
not to be lost.

remember us when we sin.
Through your most holy heart
give us grace to love each other.
Let hatred disappear from the people.
Show your love.
We all love you,
and wish you to protect us
with your shepherd's heart
from every sin.

Come into every heart, O Jesus,
knock, knock on our hearts.
Be patient and untiring.
We are still closed because
we have not yet understood your will.
Knock perseveringly.

O good Jesus, Make us open
our hearts to you,
at least when we remember
your passion endured for us. Amen

Prayer of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
(Dedicated by our Lady to Jelena Vasilj)

O most pure heart of Mary,
full of goodness, show your love towards us.
Let the flame of your heart, O Mary,
descend on all people.
We love you immensely.
Impress on our hearts true love
so that we long for you.

O Mary, gentle and humble of heart,
remember us when we sin.
You know that all people sin.
grant, that through your most pure.
and motherly heart,
we may be healed from
every spiritual sickness.

Grant that we may always experience
the goodness of your motherly heart,
and that through the flame of your heart,
we may be converted. Amen 


The Jesus Rosary
As Gospa taught Jelena

This Rosary you can find in Medjugorje and it has the crucifix, followed by one
bead, then it breaks up into the regular circular formation. There are seven (7)
sets of beads, each containing five (5) beads.

Pray the Creed

1.  Mystery:
Contemplate the birth of Jesus
(speak about the birth of Jesus)
Intention: pray for peace.
5 Our Fathers
Exclamation: O Jesus, be strength and protection for us.

2.  Mystery:
Contemplate - Jesus helped and gave all to the poor
Intention: Let us pray for the Holy Father and for the Bishops
5 Our Fathers
Repeat Exclamation:

3.  Mystery:
Contemplate - Jesus trusted in his Father completely and carried out his will
Intention: pray for priests and for all those who serve God in a particular way
5 Our Fathers

4.  Mystery:
Contemplate - Jesus knew he had to give up his life for us and he did so without regrets because he loved us.
Intention: pray for families.
5 Our Fathers

5.  Mystery:
Contemplate - Jesus made his life into a sacrifice for us
Intention: Pray so that we, too, may be capable of offering our life for our neighbor.
5 Our Fathers

6.  Mystery:
Contemplate - the victory of Jesus over Satan.  He is arisen
Intention: let us pray that all sins may be eliminated so that Jesus may relive in our hearts.
5 Our Fathers

7.  Mystery:
contemplate - The ascension of Jesus into Heaven
Intention: let us pray that the will of God may triumph, so that his will may be done
5 Our Fathers

After this, contemplate how Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit.
Intention: pray so that the Holy Spirit may descend upon us.
7 Glory Be's


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